Wood-based hybrid ribbed slabs for multi-storey buildings

The advantages of modern mixed timber construction could be shortly summarised with the slogan „light, fast, clean and secure“.

This is possible today thanks to the huge development of both production and manufacturing techniques inside the field of timber industry during the last decades. But apart from taking into account these modern production processes and new possibilities of use for timber, also joining techniques and hybrid mixed options should be investigated, especially in connection with usual building materials such as concrete and steel. Prefabrication will be of the utmost importance for the building industry in the future.

The possibility of a fast, precise and independent of weather conditions assembly is offered by prefabricated ribbed floor systems, built thanks to the combination of different materials (timber-steel-concrete).

This floor elements should fulfil all the necessary structural and building physics requirements, and at the same time offer an optimal performance regarding current ecological and economic considerations.


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